Announcing the winners of the Meme competition

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2 min readSep 21, 2021

In the last 6 days, we received tons of memes for our meme competition. Together with the team, we’ve picked the best ones + the community pick!

With our listing, NFT marketplace and mainnet release coming up, the community had more than enough to talk about in the meme competition.
The quality ranged from mediocre to absolutely excellent memes and we are happy to announce this week’s winners.

With memes, we can cheer up our community channels and release all the creative minds that we have in our community. The jury included the Cere team and a jury panel to ensure objectivity is in place.

All winners will be contacted via Twitter and the rewards will be paid out in the second week of October.

The Results:

We are thrilled to announce the following 4 winners:

1st Place Winner: @Trashboy444

Reward: $400 USDT

2nd Place Winner: @ZaidWaseem

Reward: $200 USDT

3rd Place Winner: @p0isonxs

Reward: $100 USDT

Community pick: @Tim_Zvezdin

The community also had a chance to pick their favorite meme. It was a close call between 2memes but in the end, this was the meme that had the best engagement. This entry got nearly 2000 likes!

Reward: $200 USDT

Congratulations to all winners! We will be in touch with our champions to arrange all rewards.

Cere would like to thank all participants for their contributions. Stay tuned for the next competition which will be released soon!



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