Cere Launches Public Decentralized Data Cloud Portal

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4 min readDec 24, 2021

After 3 years of development, the Cere Network team is proud to announce the public DDC testnet launch of its key innovation piece; the Decentralized Data Cloud!

What is Cere DDC?

Cere Decentralized Data Cloud is the world’s first blockchain-based storage solution that is optimized to capture interactions between users, (NFT) assets, and applications that are individually signed and encrypted, along with potential value transfers, to be stored in a tamper-proof and time-capsuled data scheme.

“Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud takes models like Snowflake’s and makes it much easier for dApps to integrate with decentralized datasets. We have been working closely with the Cere team, and we are excited that developers, companies, and individuals in our ecosystem can leverage smart contracts deployed on Polygon to include trustless data transfers on top of value transfers via Cere DDC. ”

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder and COO of Polygon.

The Decentralized Data Cloud is built to solve an actual problem that many businesses and developers are running into these days; the lack of actual data ownership. In an ever-changing world concerning customer data management and monetization, a revolution is now available to every business: a turnkey, decentralized, peer-to-peer, and ethical customer data ecosystem.

With Cere, businesses can easily plug in their existing apps and the power of contextually relevant data, insights, and predictive analytics in real-time to supercharge their value streams.

High-level Decentralized Data Cloud Architecture

To learn more about our vision and our journey towards decentralization of (consumer) data, have a look at the Cere Network vision paper.

Today, we launch our first series of Quickstart Guides that we will keep extending as we progress towards the public launch of the DDC. In this first guide, we will show you step-by-step how you can interact with the DDC and store your data.

Quickstart Guide:

  1. Subscribe to DDC as Application Developer on Testnet

a. Install polkadot.js extension

b. Create an account using extension

c. Go to https://ddc.stage.cere.network/ and connect your wallet

d. Send CERE Test Tokens to your wallet via faucet

e. Pick a Tier and sign-up

2. Interact with DDC using Kotlin client library

a. Install the latest version of the client library from here. For more information, visit the DDC Wiki

b. Extract your public and private application keys from your account using DDC CLI (Install DDC CLI) and plug them in here.

c. Store data

Add the data you want to store

val appPubKey = "0x7f9866baf46bbb2aa60a79c8e1e706d5e6ad83b05b4d3bc18cb7163ab20208c3"
val appPrivKey = "0xd1c60ff157b5d80df830fde62ea1156dc1905d2efa29a57c3e0a0fb09b16e4cf7f9866baf46bbb2aa60a79c8e1e706d5e6ad83b05b4d3bc18cb7163ab20208c3"
val bootstrapNodes = listOf("https://https://node-0.ddc.dev.cere.network")

val producerConfig = ProducerConfig(
appPubKey = appPubKey,
appPrivKey = appPrivKey,
signatureScheme = Sr25519,
bootstrapNodes = bootstrapNodes
val ddcProducer = DdcProducer(

val res = ddcProducer.send(
id = UUID.randomUUID().toString(),
appPubKey = producerConfig.appPubKey,
userPubKey = "test_user",
timestamp = Instant.now(),
data = "test_data"

println("cid: ${res.cid}"

d. Retrieve data

Use public key to configure the consumer

val appPubKey = "0x7f9866baf46bbb2aa60a79c8e1e706d5e6ad83b05b4d3bc18cb7163ab20208c3"
val bootstrapNodes = listOf("https://node-0.ddc.stage.cere.network")

val consumerConfig = ConsumerConfig(appPubKey, bootstrapNodes)
val ddcConsumer = DdcConsumer(consumerConfig)

ddcConsumer.consume("test_stream", listOf(), OffsetReset.EARLIEST)
.subscribe().with({ cr -> println(cr.piece) }, { e -> println(e)

e. Done, your submitted data is now decentralized! In the next DDC portal release, we’ll open up the Decentralized Data/Asset Viewer for inspecting customer data and NFT provenance.

Want to learn more about the technical ins and outs of the DDC? Take a look at the DDC Wiki!

And with this, we’re rounding up our first quickstart guide. Expect many more technical articles on the DDC and its enterprise/NFT security applicability in Q1 ‘22!

Merry X-mas, stay safe ❤

Team Cere



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