Closing the Cere Private Sale and opening up the Cere Public Sale

Cere Network, the world’s first Decentralized Data and Finance Cloud platform built on Polkadot, has successfully finalized its private sale round. Today, we’re entering a new, exciting phase for the majority of the Cere community; the start of the Cere public sale process! Keep reading to learn more about listing for the Cere public sale, and how you can even still qualify to purchase Cere at a special private sale price.

But first a quick recap:

We’re extremely grateful for all the inquiries and support of our fantastic community, with over $80M in requested allocation by over 6000 potential token purchasers! After months of hard work and hundreds of due diligence/token purchase talks, Cere is now closing its highly successful, multiple times oversubscribed private sale. The Cere team chose the token purchasers with whom we had the most synergy, and who could offer the most strategic value for Cere Network. More details on the amount of raised funds, the Cere tokenomics, and future plans will be released very shortly.

“This private round shows the confidence in the project from the wider crypto community and validates the vision we’re executing on enterprise data and SaaS-DeFi. We are humbled to have received such overwhelming demand from token purchasers,” said Cere CEO and co-founder Fred Jin. “It’s great for the team to see this much support from our community. This entices us, even more, to over-deliver on our ambitious roadmap, with the launch of our alpha mainnet as the first big milestone in Q1 2021. “

‘I wasn’t selected for the Cere private sale! Now what?!’

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to reach out individually to all of our supporters that filled in the private sale form. Some of you may be bummed out on missing out on the private sale, where they have put a lot of effort in their motivation and engagement over the past weeks. The Cere team recognizes these efforts and is excited to announce that private sale prices for those who submitted interest are still within reach.

We realize the importance of community contributions and we are working on a community engagement program to ensure that we reward our long-term supporters and engaged community members via special private sale allocations. We’ll release more info on this program in the coming weeks. But first, we have a number of designer related community incentives to push Cere’s reach even further. Because as we all know, meme’s rule the world, and with Cere, we want to have the best memes out there.


Cere Network is the first Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform in alignment with Polkadot, optimized for service data integration and data collaboration. While most enterprise blockchains are simply distributed ledgers, the Cere DDC platform is built from the ground up to power the new generation of first-party customer data ecosystems. Harnessing similar goals to cloud platforms like Snowflake, Cere’s DDC platform is delivering on a new decentralized level of data privacy, data agility, and data interoperability.

Cere Network is founded by former executives from Amazon, Twitch, D-Link, and Bebo. Cere is backed by Binance Labs, Arrington XRP Capital, Fenbushi Capital and Neo Global Capital, amongst others. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York and Berlin.

Find out more about Cere here: Cere.Network . Join the company Telegram here:



Cere Network is the first blockchain CRM ecosystem platform optimized for customer data integration and collaboration.

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Cere Network

Cere Network is the first blockchain CRM ecosystem platform optimized for customer data integration and collaboration.