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8 min readOct 27, 2021

Cere co-founders Fred Jin and Kenzi Wang, together with CMO Martijn Broersma held their first community video AMA on October 26th. Whereas there can be improvements over the delivery/quality of the video stream, we’re very happy with the response of the community on the format, which means that we’ll have these AMA’s with the Cere management and technical teams more regularly!

For this AMA, there was really one question on everyone’s mind... When listing?

But there’s (much) more to this AMA! Fred, Kenzi, and Martijn have been throwing around sneak peeks, Github repos, and job solicitations. Wait no more, and dive in!

As always, if you have any comments/suggestions, reach out to the Cere team via team@cere.network.



  • Listing date: November 8th.
  • Exchanges to be announced (via their own channels)
  • New NFT tool for developers: Cere Freeport, go check it out!
  • Join our Discord to engage with developers and tech in the Cere Extended Developer program
  • + much more, read below!

Intro + Vision

M: Welcome to today’s AMA. Some of you may already know me from the community. Martijn Boersma, I’m the CMO of Cere Network. I’ve been with the team for the past 15 months, before that I was the COO of LTO network, a Dutch blockchain project, which went through the whole cycle of token minting, listing, and adoption. I put my experience into practice, both marketing crypto and with my legal background since I was to be a lawyer before joining the crypto industry.

F: Hi guys, so as you know Martijn has been interfacing a lot with the community, I’m really happy to be here and get a chance to talk to everyone, and show how happy we are to have your support and how proud we are to have built a team of amazing innovators and with great people like Martijn and his marketing team. We have some really exciting announcements coming up today. Having this AMA is the start of the establishment of having better communication with our community.

F: You guys probably all know my background. I grew up in San Francisco, I started working in Silicon Valley in 1987. And I also know, Kenzi, from our days of running venture-backed startups back in Silicon Valley. Kenzi is calling in from Dubai to be here with us.

K: Hey, guys excited to be here. Yeah, it’s been a long time coming. Cere has come a long way from nearly three years ago, where we were incubated by Binance Labs. I was intrigued by the tech scene in San Francisco. I was joining several incubators and had a tech startup before pivoting in technology companies. I worked at Huobi as VP, leading exchange operations, corporate development, and also listings. Later I joined as co-founder with Fred on the journey of Cere, working on business development, partnerships, and also relations with token purchases and the listing side of things. So excited to be here and would love to share more about what Cere has been cooking over the past couple of months.

F: We have a dedicated team at the moment with multiple development teams who work together with us to create real-world applications. We’ve been building hard not only on the tech, but also on the team, and it will come to fruition next month. We have a lot to cover in the next few months.

After the intro, they briefly discussed the test- and mainnet. Fred gave some more insight into the current centralization issues that the world is facing. The Cere mainnet is the network that provides security, utility, and trust into the Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC). What is more, a couple of highlights were shared about our testnet, where we constantly incentivize a set of developers to engage in our technical and social challenges in order to rise on the leaderboard and get rewarded.

Listing update

K: As everyone can imagine, many people are interested in the update on our TGE. I’m happy to announce that we have a number of exchange partners lined up for our token release on November 8th. In the meanwhile, we are ramping up several marketing activities and big announcements. After our successful events in London and Lisbon, we are going to NYC to join NYCNFT on November 1st. After that, we will be going back to Lisbon to join the Solana conference. We are planning multiple announcements that will have a significant impact right after listing in the upcoming months.

F: Thanks for that, Kenzi. I would like to highlight that it has been hard to show the public what we have been building as we also need to coordinate these releases with our listing. In the previous months, we have been dealing with some setbacks, now that we have that settled we can start pushing more marketing around these events and make the most out of it for the community. We want to make sure everyone benefits from their trust and patience towards the project in the last couple of months.

Vesting update

For non-US token purchasers, the vesting period will stay the same, the smart contracts are already built by Republic so there is nothing that can be changed.

For US token purchasers, the situation is slightly different. Due to regulations, US token purchasers had to get their tokens locked up for an additional 12 months on top of the normal vesting period. As this smart contract has not been built yet we will have a look at what is possible here. There is a possibility that we can reduce the waiting period (so not the vesting period) for US token purchasers. Once we have more information about this we will communicate accordingly. The decision that will be made on this matter will only affect tokens that will be distributed AFTER November 2022.

Community update

M: We are happy to get the word out today about our upcoming listing. As Fred said, it’s all about strategizing all the cool news that we have coming up. We have been forced to bite on our lips multiple times in the last months and that is because we are dealing with multiple external partners. We planned our initial listing on the 30th of September but external factors, unfortunately, forced us to delay the TGE.

M: You can’t control everything that happens around you. But what you can control is to keep on building and inspire the team to continue to innovate in order to be more communicative towards the community by opening up repos and other announcements.

M: We want to make sure that we can get maximum visibility out of our announcements. To do that, we have to be very precise on what we release and when in order to meet our internal goals. To make sure our community benefits from all the stuff we have lined up, we are preparing multiple initiatives for you guys. One of them is the meeting here with Fred and Kenzi, and we plan to do this more often, including personal interviews. But also with our developers, like our CTO, to really dive into the tech and get a better connection to the team because, in the end, we fully understand the value of community.

F: Yes, I think it’s important for us to cultivate a strong community that is sort of a self-governing but also open community where we can make the network stronger. We have a big backlog of people who signed up for our developer program and we hope to onboard more and more people to increase our rewards and adoption. Working with the Polygon team has been incredible and we have been seeing them grow from the first day. We are closely watching the steps that they are taking concerning hackathons, big events, game conferences, talking to developers, and more. We will be releasing a lot of exciting information with the Polygon team as we just finished, the first of many, integrations that we will be presenting.


F: We invite everyone to have a look at our new Freeport page. The big difference with Filecoin is that, rather than just pushing on raw file storage, we are focussing on plug-and-play storage. We are working on cloud-native solutions that will make adoption easier for us and developers working with our products. It’s ready to use by developers and we have multiple projects starting to work with it after our announcement events in Lisbon and London. It’s not just another smart contract, it is a complete toolset that adds a lot of additional capability. On top of that, Cere DDC + Freeport is designed to plug into any EVM-compatible blockchain network. Think of Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, BSC, etc.

F: I’ll give a real-world example to show why this technology is so powerful: When someone buys an NFT, the smart contract will not only automatically deliver the NFT to the new owner, but through the Cere bridge and with the use of Cere tokens the asset will be unlocked to the new owner’s public address. This will enable the new owner to pick up the asset and use it inside of a game, or NFT, or any other experience. At the moment, no solution can offer this for developers, and that’s why it’s so important to us.

Business Development

K: Yes, so I want to highlight our Business Developments here. If you are in business development, sales, or if you have interest or enthusiasm for blockchain, make sure to reach out to us via team@cere.network or go on our job postings on cere.network. I think it’s an incredible product to work with, the idea has been validated, and we have 10+ partners directly integrating Cere Freeport into their existing offering. With a new set of products to be launched after our listing, we will have a lot to work on. It’s an exciting time to be part of this world!

F: And to touch on the enterprise solution. The tools that we are building will be very relevant in the near future because we are not just working with artists. We are also working with entertainment companies and brands. We see a future where you can connect your NFT wallet with any application or site and unlock amazing experiences. This will unlock a whole new set of experiences, with the CRM solution, and our individual consumer-focused CRM solutions are perfect components for that. The behavior and interactions of a user are extremely valuable for any product/company and I think it will be way bigger than what people are seeing it as today.


The team tried to fit in as many questions as possible out of the submissions. If you have any technical questions, make sure to ask them on the Discord server. If you have any questions about the community and jobs at Cere, make sure to ask them in our Telegram chat, our admins are always around to help!

As stated in the AMA, in order to increase visibility to the community we will be working on doing these more often for the community. We are currently incorporating all feedback that we received from the community and will use it to improve our communications going forward.

Up to the next one!

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