Purchase $CERE tokens on Republic, a comprehensive guide

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2 min readApr 5, 2021

Dear community members,

We noticed that a lot of people are having questions about the process of purchasing tokens on Republic. Therefore, we are sending you this mail to ensure that everyone is well informed before the offering starts on Tuesday, April 13th, 10 AM EDT(UTC -4) on the Republic token purchase platform.

Answers on frequently asked questions about the offering on Republic:

1. Everyone that completed the KYC on Republic (Login and follow this link to KYC), will be eligible to join the sale on the 8th of April on the Republic platform. The sale will take place in a first-come, first-serve manner.

2. The FCFS will work as follows:
- Members can select their desired currency to pay with
- Bitpay will provide a link (and QR code) that you can use to pay
- You can pay with your preferred wallet

3. Whitelisted people will have a guaranteed allocation which they have received more information on. All whitelist spots will be confirmed by Republic on the 7th of April.

4. The Bitpay platform will be used to collect the offering funds.

5. Bitpay accepts BTC, ETH, and USDC. US token purchasers can participate via USD wire transfer. People with non-US banks cannot pay with a wire transfer. Click here for more information about wallets on Bitpay.

6. If you would like to purchase tokens more than 3K (USD) in the Republic public sale, you will have to complete your KYC on Bitpay.

7. The minimum token purchase amount will be 1000 USD (or the crypto equivalent) for the offering on Republic. There will be a maximum token purchase cap of 250K USD, which will be raised to 1M after 12 hours.

8. Token purchasers will receive a QR code for the wallet ID at Bitpay. Funds can be sent to this address. Click here for more information.

9. Republic advises setting up a self-custody wallet (Metamask, Bitpay, etc) to ensure the smoothest process. It is not recommended to send funds directly from an exchange. Read this guide for more info

10. Republic advises customers to load up their wallets prior to the offering to ensure a smooth process.

11. Customers can pay from a pre-funded Bitpay wallet or finalize the transaction by sending ETH via an erc20 wallet (Metamask etc) to the Bitpay ETH address.

For all your other questions, please visit the Bitpay blog

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