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4 min readSep 27, 2021

Dear Community,

In the rapidly-changing world that is crypto, projects need to constantly adapt and be flexible to what is happening in the markets. Recent circumstances, as mandated by the Chinese government concerning crypto, have added more uncertainty in the market — at least for the time being. With many token purchasers and partners strongly urging us to delay our offering until the uncertainty has cleared out, we have decided that we are delaying our listing until after China’s Golden Week holiday (2–9 October).

Despite the delay, there will be no long-term impact on the Cere Network project, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share some exciting updates, amongst which the great news for our token purchasers about our initial circulating supply.

In the coming weeks, there will be an avalanche of information about the Cere Mainnet, staking rewards, extended developer program and a sneak peek of our NFT platform!

But first, tokenomics!

Initial circulating supply

Tokenomics go hand in hand with the success of a project. As we already released the majority of our tokenomics in April to our token purchasers, we will not announce any big changes but rather inform you of some relevant numbers to further incentivize our community to be part of the Cere project.

With our total supply being 10,000,000,000 we can announce today that our circulating supply at TGE will be 6.89%, meaning that 689,000,000 tokens will be in circulation. This supply will increase as our unlock schedule commences, providing deeper liquidity to the network over time.

In the visual below, we compared the circulating supply with other top-tier projects in order to give our community members an overview of how we relate to other projects during their TGE.

“The Cere team, during these complex times, has been working heads down, focusing on consistent innovation to truly move the needle in the crypto space. Now, it’s time for us to begin launching and unveiling some of these world-changing innovations to our Cere supporters, who have been fantastic in their support and patience. The management team is fully aware of the continuous support and is fully dedicated to repaying this trust by delivering groundbreaking solutions and applications. ” — Fred Jin, Cere CEO.

Whereas some circumstances, like market conditions/government restrictions, may be out of our control, Cere project development is always within our control. With our team working around the clock in order to get ready to officially release our mainnet and NFT platform, we will have a lot to announce:

  1. Cere Mainnet beta and Cere DDC launching

With our mainnet launching quickly after our listing, we will be fully ready to supercharge the adoption of our ecosystem through our enterprise and NFT solutions. From October, we’ll release a series of tutorials and quick-start guides on how businesses and developers can quickly integrate with Cere mainnet and Cere the DDC as well as information on staking, network incentives, and much, much more.

2. DDC powering the next generation of NFT platforms + partnership program

Cere DDC is designed and built to easily integrate into and extend many of today’s popular networks and platforms. Via articles, demos, webinars with partners, and live events, we will showcase how Cere DDC can solve some of the toughest challenges of the NFT space while unlocking additional value and utility for all NFT platforms.

The Cere business development team will be focussing on expanding the partnership program to onboard many projects who can now easily extend their current offering. We are currently in talks with over 20 crypto/gaming/NFT partners and are aiming to five-fold that number towards the end of the year!

Next to that, we designed the platform to facilitate consumer enterprises a completely revisioned way to engage with their customers. With the NFT market still in its infancy, opportunities for growth will continue to arise.

3. Cere’s Major NFT Joint Venture coming out of stealth

We will be soon and widely announcing a new joint venture with a major ecosystem partner to bring about an entirely new set of NFT powered experiences to delight consumers, creators, brands alike.

4. Cere Events in London, Lisbon with Polygon

Cere will be hosting multiple events in the upcoming months together with Polygon, starting with 2 events in Europe in Lisbon and London. The aim of these events is to engage and showcase to our collective communities via live demos, to show how the Cere DDC can be easily integrated into just about any gaming/NFT offerings to unlock some amazing possibilities.

5. Cere Ecosystem Initiatives & Cere Extended Developer program (EDP) update

The Cere Extended Developer Program has seen tremendous growth in the last 4 weeks with over 65 new validator operators earning their spots on the leaderboards and another 50+ on the way. The list of leaderboard applicants is growing every week and more and more technical challenges and bounties are being offered to all of this vibrant developer community.

In the last 2 weeks, we have started granting $CERE tokens bounties to the EDP participants with much more coming in the future! Make sure to join our Extended Developer Program ASAP as the leaderboards are getting crowded!

6. Cere Community AMA

The Cere team will be hosting an AMA later this week on Telegram to answer all your questions that you may have after reading this extensive update. We hope to see you all there, and we thank you for your support and patience.



On behalf of Team Cere



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