LiveOne, Cere and Polygon Partner to Launch NFT Platform and Utililty Token for Music Entertainment/ Metaverse and GamifyOne Offerings

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4 min readFeb 24, 2022

LiveOne’s New Web3 Platform Will Give Creators a Suite of NFT and Token Offerings, and For Fans Play-To-Earn Experiences Including Epic Moments From the Biggest Events, Exclusive Access to Podcasters, Social Media Stars, and Artists from Around the World, powered by the DaVinci platform technology.

LiveOne (Nasdaq: LVO), a creator-first, music, entertainment and technology platform focused on delivering premium experiences and content worldwide through memberships, subscriptions, and live and virtual events, announced today that it plans to launch its own membership token in partnership with Polygon and Cere Network.

“The digital marketplace is changing how artists and creators are monetizing content and connecting with their audience. As we shift to Web 3.0, we want to put the power directly in the hands of the creators and users. LiveOne has always promoted talent and fans first, and with blockchain technologies opening new doors for interaction, we are excited to offer artists and our members exclusive and deeper experiences.” -
Robert Ellin, Chairman and CEO of LiveOne.

Additionally, LiveOne will collaborate with NFT platform DaVinci (a joint venture of Polygon and Cere Network) to enable LiveOne creators, talent and artists to launch NFTs and NFT-backed experiences and create LiveOne’s NFTs marketplace. The NFTs will be minted on the Polygon blockchain, which is an environmentally friendly, Ethereum-compatible layer two solution.

“By leveraging DaVinci, LiveOne has the potential to transform the creator economy, offering a more egalitarian route for artists to securely monetize their content while encouraging direct-to-fan interaction. Supported by Polygon, LiveOne creators will be able to mint, transfer, and sell their creations in a low-cost, efficient, and ecologically sound manner.” —
Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon,

The new LiveOne membership token will become available to the over 2 million LiveOne paid and free members (via play to earn)**, shareholders and artists. It will be able to be earned and redeemed across a multitude of activities, including spending time on LiveOne’s platform, listening to music and podcasts/vodcasts, attending events/festivals, virtual and in-person meet and greets and purchasing merchandise, as well as interacting across the LiveOne platform and metaverse. From time to time, LiveOne also expects to airdrop discounts and unlock benefits to current holders of tokens and/or certain NFTs.

“Today’s NFT offerings are barely scratching the surface of what’s to come, “Together with LiveOne, we are turning amazing music, film, and art experiences into personalized NFT collectibles that truly deepens the artist-to-fan connection.”
Fred Jin, CEO of Cere Network.

More information on this exciting integration, which has already started, is to be shared with the Cere and Polygon communities shortly!

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About LiveOne, Inc.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, LiveOne, Inc. (NASDAQ: LVO) (the “Company”) is a creator-first, music, entertainment and technology platform focused on delivering premium experiences and content worldwide through memberships, subscriptions, and live and virtual events. As of January 2022, the Company has accrued a paid subscriber base of over 1.35** million, streamed over 2,900 artists, has a library of 30 million songs, 600 curated radio stations, 268 podcasts/vodcasts, hundreds of pay-per-views, personalized merchandise, released music-related NFTs, and has created a valuable connection between fans, brands, and bands. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries include Slacker Radio, React Presents, Gramophone Media, Palm Beach Records, Custom Personalization Solutions, LiveXLive, PPVOne and PodcastOne, which generates more than 2.48 billion downloads per year and 300+ episodes distributed per week across its stable of top-rated podcasts. LiveOne is available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and through OTT, STIRR, and XUMO. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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