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5 min readSep 7, 2021


After a summer full of building, testing, and optimizing, we are ready for the next big phase for the Cere project! In this update, we will update you about the technology, the engineering process, the external developer program, a sneak peek into our NFT platform and the listing date!

With our mainnet launch scheduled for release in the coming weeks, we are grateful for the outpouring of support from our supporters and business partners. Our headcount at Cere has grown to over 60 employees worldwide to meet the demand for our Decentralized Data Cloud upon launch, which takes data ecosystems to a whole new level of privacy, compliance, interoperability, and agility.

Fred Jin, CEO Cere Network


The 60 people strong Cere team has been working for over 3 years on the fundamental technology that is powering the ecosystem of Cere Network. In these years, we’ve overcome many challenges, pivoted our processes, and most importantly: kept building. Now, we are ready to release more and more pieces of our deeptech to the community and our external developers to showcase the intrinsic, real value of our ecosystem.

In the past months, our engineering team has been working on the architecture of the ecosystem and transition from our testnet to mainnet. Together with an exceptional batch of external developers (read the update in the next paragraph), we have been able to test, improve and stabilize the mainnet continuously.

Our enterprise Core & Integration team has been working on stabilizing the microservices framework, demo preparation, and use cases for the platform. In order to increase the usability of our network, a new version of SaaS / RealTimeExperience builder was released, DDC computing resources and performances were improved and the new NFT smart contract for brands was established. All aimed at making enterprise adoption of blockchain technology right into your phone as seamless as possible. Make sure to read our last technical update to learn more about our vision.

External Developer Program

The external developer program has proven to be the perfect journey to learn more about the blockchain that is powering Cere and the Decentralized Data Cloud. Program participants experience first-hand what technical progress is being made, in what way this technology is used in real-world use cases, and how you can contribute to the growth as a participant via social bounties, technical bounties, grants, challenges, and more! The Cere team is releasing weekly incentivization campaigns to keep participants engaged to ensure they’re with the project for the long run.

The goal is to work towards creating a strong and knowledgeable group of people that will be the first to be able to work on certain needs within the Cere ecosystem. A couple of examples are building software components, running validators, external software/app integration development, and much more.

In order to test our alpha mainnet to the limit, we have been actively working on it with a small batch of trusted developers. The program is scaling at a hefty pace and the first goal is to onboard another 200 participants. We received loads of applications for the program, and we will be looking at onboarding more and more people in the long term. We have already increased the size of the new batches and will be actively working on other ways in order to scale as fast as possible.

In order to keep our participants motivated, we created a game-like tier system in which the developers can grow and earn more rewards. This way, developers get compensated for continuously contributing to our ecosystem, a win-win for everyone! We are currently working on an extensive update on the program which will be released soon. For more information about the developer program and how to join: make sure to check out the program update that was posted last week!

The NFT platform

By now, everyone is aware of the recent boom in the NFT world. Cyberpunks being sold for millions, rocks being sold for insane amounts, big artists committing to NFT’s, and the overall volume increasing viciously.

A year ago, while building the DDC ecosystem for Cere Network, it became obvious that the DDC is the most feasible solution for NFT exclusivity and collectability.

Our soon-to-be-released NFT standard will combine the strengths of 2 blockchain heavyweights, resulting in a proprietary destination platform, as well as a turnkey solution that covers the needs of every stakeholder in the NFT & entertainment industry.

We’re not spilling too much of the beans on the platform today, but we can assure you it will be an absolute gamechanger. Follow the Cere announcement channel and major news outlets for more information that’s coming out on this subject soon!

Token distribution

As excited we are about our technology and developments, we can imagine that the #1 question on top of the minds of our token purchasers has been: Wen list? The Cere team has been working on this matter in the last couple of months and unfortunately had to delay our offering due to some external factors beyond our control. Now that we have cleared the ship and are approaching the launch of our new platform and tons of other cool stuff, the time has come to list our token!

Today, we are announcing that Cere Network will be listed on the 30th of September, 2021 over multiple exchanges.

With the listing event happening in just over 3 weeks, we are now in the perfect position to ramp up our marketing efforts. The upcoming weeks will be jam-packed with announcements in order to make our long-awaited launch as successful as possible. In order to engage with our amazing community towards the listing, we will be hosting multiple social incentive campaigns and supercharge the community sentiment to make sure all the stars are aligned for our launch. For all of our community members who have been eagerly awaiting our launch: this is your moment to step up! Spread the word about Cere, join our incentivized campaigns, and join us on this exciting journey towards our launch, with much more on the agenda!

We are very excited to start the next chapter of our journey which started back in 2018. Thanks to the help of our community, partners, token purchasers, external developers, and of course our hard-working team, we created one of the most exciting and awaited crypto projects of 2021. We would like to take this moment to thank all the people who have been part of our journey so far, get ready to be amazed and we will see you soon!


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